Text area limit in YUI 2.7
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Text Area Limit (using YUI)

Author: Joni Halabi (www.thatdevgirl.com)


This text area limit widget was developed as a proof of concept for implementing a character limit inside a text area. Character limits are not built into text area fields just yet as they are with input fields, so it is necessary to have a Javascript implementation if you need to limit the input prior to submitting your form. This implementation was written for a client project, which required YUI 2.7.

What is in the Javascript?

This project contains all of the applicable YUI 2.7 libraries in the /scripts/yui directory. All of the customization required for the text area field is in the textarea-limit.js file.

What is in the CSS?

This project contains 2 CSS files:

  1. reset.css: Just a basic CSS reset, inspired by the Eric Meyers' CSS reset.

  2. textarea-limit.css: Contains the base CSS for the text area limit widget.