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Draw lines in Unity
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Easy 2D Lines Gandhi Games

A straightforward line drawing tool. Quick and easy to setup (see the demo scene for example usage).

There are two main classes: LineFactory and Line.

The LineFactory class is responsible for creating and retrieving lines.

The main property:

public int maxLines

The LineFactory Instantiates this many lines at runtime. The lines are disabled and only activated when a line is requested by the user. This number is the maximum number of lines that can be retrieved from this factory. If a number of lines greater than this number is requested, then previous lines are overwritten; so it is important to set the correct number here.

The main methods:

public Line GetLine (Vector2 start, Vector2 end, float width, Color color)

Initialises and activates a line with the specified data.

public List GetActive()

Returns a list of active lines.

Once you have a reference to a line you can change the following properties:

start: the lines start position. end: this lines end position. width: the lines width. color: the lines color.

When any of these properties are set, the line is updated accordingly.

And that?s pretty much it. If you find any bugs, or have any other questions, please email me at:

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