This is a parody of the Star Trek universe in game form for one of my programming classes. I doubt I will be making more changes to it, but I just wanted to make it public. The premise is: “Tragedy! Wesley has been kidnapped by a rouge Klingon sect! No one on the Enterprise is interested in saving him (they say he is too whiney and causes too mu…
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Copyright © 2009, Andrew Stone

As a word of the wise, DO NOT use this for a school project as that is PLAGIARISM, and think of it
this way: if you found this, so can your professor.  Be smarter than the internet, please.

That being said, let's get down to how to use this:

1) As this was written for an IBM 8080 processor, and because we used an assembler that was written
in the 80's, we're limited to 1 platform: DOS.  Yes, I know it is painful, but that's the fact of
the matter.  DOS.

2) In order to get this running, make sure you have a few things: Vista will not run it (they
destroyed, among Windows, DOS in Vista...don't use it).  I'm not sure if Windows 7 will run it.  If
you're on a Mac / Linux / BSD, you're going to need to download DosBox or the equivalent (I haven't
tested this with Wine, but if you get DOS running in Wine, I see no reason why it shouldn't work).  
If you have Windows XP / 2000, you're good to go.  If you have Windows 95/98/Me, how are you even
reading this?

3) To begin, let's get this thing assembled.  First, open up DOS/DosBox and navigate to the directory where
you extracted everything.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT delete any of the images in the directory or 
modify them, this will break the game.  If you must modify them, be sure to save them as 256 color
bmps, or you're going to break things.  If you change their size, be sure you know how to write 
assembly and update the size declarations.  That being said, once you're in the extracted directory,
run the following command:

     das trek

This will assemble the game.

4) To run the game, once it's assembled, simply type:


And you will magically be playing the game.

5) I apologize for the sound.  I know it is horrible and painful to listen to, but on the bright
side, it's part of the original Star Trek score.  Also, it was extra credit for this assignment,
so I made sure to include it.  Apologies.