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A series of patches to improve the FirstClass Android client.

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A series of patches to improve the FirstClass Android client.



You should make sure you have all of the following tools, and that they are located in your PATH.

  • Java JDK
  • Android SDK (make sure both the platform-tools folder AND one of the build-tools subfolders are in your path. Specifically, you need to make sure adb and apksigner are both in your path)
  • Git
  • apktool
  • FirstClass Android client (to patch; tested with version


You will need to have a copy of the original FirstClass APK, which you can get from your Android phone. (I personally use MyAppSharer to do this) update: It looks like FirstClass has been removed from the Play Store. You can still download the app from APK mirror sites like APKPure. (the FCAPlus script will automatically verify the hash of the APK, so you shouldn't have to worry about a fake/malicious download)

However you get it, you should place that APK in the directory containing, and make sure it's named com.opentext.bluefield.apk.

Once you've done that, connect your phone to your computer and run python install. All of the patches in the patches/ folder will automatically be applied to the APK, and the newly-created APK will then be installed on your phone.

Creating patches

Make sure you've built the patched app at least once before you do this!

After building the patched app, you will notice a new work/ folder. Make your changes in this folder. To test your changes, use python build_test and python install_test. Do NOT use the non-_test versions of these commands, as this will rebuild the app using only the patches in the patches/ folder, and will erase your changes.

Once you've completed your changes, you can run python create_patch, which will ask you for the name of the patch's directory (make sure it follows the same format as all of the others!) and a short description of the patch. This will create a new directory under the patches/ folder, which can then be submitted as a pull request.


A series of patches to improve the FirstClass Android client.






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