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Simple Login Customizer

A very simple plugin to override the default WordPress login styling. I do not like having it in themes, and do not need any fancy plugins doing all sorts of nonsense.

What Does It Do

  • Gives you all the custom CSS you need to alter the login screen, edit at will
  • Changes the login url from default to your site main
  • Changes the login url title text to your site name
  • Adds a text block in the login footer area for a helpful message

If you wish to remove the footer, you can comment out or delete this line $this->loader->add_action( 'login_footer', $plugin_public, 'slc_footer' ); found here

To edit the dummy content in the footer, change the text found in the slc_footer() function located over here


If you are here, you know how to install a plugin. :) Either download it, or clone it, either way works!


Once installed and activated it will look like the screenshot below. You will want to edit the CSS files to make it your own.

What Does It Look LIke

Well, that will depend on the styling and logo you give it, there is some demo styling already and a generic logo, so when fired up by default it looks like this,

Simple Login Customizer Screenshot


WordPress plugin for customizing login screen



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