Simple plugin to customize site suspended page in WordPress MultiSite
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WP Site Suspended

Simple drop-in plugin to alter the page a visitor sees when a site is suspended in MultiSite. Or in this case, archived.

Note: For MultiSite Use


I needed something other than the default, generic message that WP displayed when we suspended a site in our network for whatever reason.


Don't upload or install it like normal, the file you need is blog-suspended.php and it needs to reside in wp-content.


Once installed it will replace the default message with one that matches your standard WP login screen. I use it in conjunction with Simple Login Customizer so that the custom logo and footer messages I set in there get added to the suspended site page.

To edit the message displayed to visitors, just edit it in the file,

<h2>Website is currently unavailable.</h2>

What Does It Look LIke

Default View

Default view

With Customizer View

View in conjunction with Simple Login Customizer

That is all for now!