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About this list

The web is evolving. The race to retain users is getting even more cut-throat which leads to dark patterns. Goodbye distractions is a list to highlight a community of devs working on tools that aim to de-clutter your feeds. Most of these tools help fix annoyances that distract you on the web.

All purpose Description
uBlock Origin The popular wide-spectrum blocker that removes most annoyances with the help of open source filter-lists.
Web Annoyances Ultralist Remove annoying and distracting web elements from many websites (used with ublock origin)
For websites Description
Wiper Browser extension that strips Google search results based on blocklist defined by the user
Simplify Gmail Browser extension that makes Gmail more simple, capable, and respectful.
Facebook Demetricator Browser extension which removes all metrics from Facebook.
News Feed Eradicator Browser extension which replaces your Facebook news feed with a nice quote.
Twitter Demetricator Browser extension which removes all the metrics from Twitter.
Minimal Twitter Browser extension which provides a minimal theme for the new Twitter.
Tweak New Twitter Browser extension that helps you stay on Latest Tweets timeline and tones down UI.
Nitter Alternative Twitter front-end which is focused on privacy.
Bibliogram Alternative Instagram front-end that loads faster, gives downloadable images, eliminates ads, generates RSS feeds.
InstaGrabber Alternative lightweight Instagram client for the Android OS.
Vanced Alternative stock YouTube client for the Android OS with built in adblocking.
NewPipe Alternative lightweight YouTube client for the Android OS focused on privacy.
YouTubeSearchFixer Browser extension for YouTube that removes "suggested" search results and de-clutters home page.

Misc Description
Buster Browser extension and Captcha Solver for Human Beings.
The A11Y Project Brilliant community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

Important: The resources presented above have been compiled in good faith in hopes they may prove useful to you. But we can give no guarantees on the quality or fitness of the software that is referenced. Please inform yourself before installing anything. If you encounter anything inappropriate or wrong, please file an issue. Thank you!


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.


Tools and projects that aim to de-clutter the web.