Automagically remove/readd servers from EC2 load balancers as you cap deploy
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A simple library to control Amazon Elastic Load Balancers for use within Capistrano

As of version 0.4.0 it looks for an 'elb' tag with value of the name of a loadbalancer to decide when to remove/readd servers.


gem install capistrano-elb


You should have ec2credentials.yaml in the same directory as your cap files

:aws_access_key_id: YOUR_KEY_ID_
:aws_secret_access_key: YOUR_KEY

then just

require "capistrano-elb/tasks"

This will instantiate an instance of the CapELB class and add hooks to remove/readd before/after deploys

(Equivalent to having the following in your deploy.rb)

require "capistrano-elb"

namespace :elb do
  capELB =

  task :remove do 
    servers = roles[:web] {|server|}
    puts "Removing #{servers} from ELB"
    capELB.remove servers

  task :add do 
    servers = roles[:web] {|server|}
    puts "Adding #{servers} to ELB"
    capELB.add servers

  task :check do 
    puts capELB.check_config

before "deploy", "elb:remove"
after "deploy", "elb:add"

You can just require capistrano-elb and do whatever you want inside your deploy scripts of course

If you want to hook after deploy but before the elb:add you can target after deploy:restart :your_task