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This branch is not maintained. There is however a couple of active forks of it. Please examine the network graph to see what’s going on, and merge for yourself what you like. Or volunteer as an integration branch maintainer.


A calendaring/scheduling application, featuring:

  • one-time and recurring events
  • calendar exceptions (occurrences changed or cancelled)
  • occurrences accessible through Event API and Period API
  • relations of events to generic objects
  • ready to use, nice user interface
  • view day, week, month, three months and year
  • project sample which can be launched immediately and reused in your project

To read more

see Tony’s post

To discuss

Visit/subscribe to django-schedule discussion group

To try it out (stable version)

Download and unpack v1.0. Then:

    cd project_sample
    ln -s ../schedule
    python manage.py syncdb
    python manage.py load_sample_data
    python manage.py runserver

(use admin interface to log in)

To try the new AJAX user interface

Download and upack v1.1. Then do the same, plus:

    ln -s ../schedule_weekcal