a tool to create tiptoi gme files from mp3 files. Also creates a printable sheet to play the music.
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a platform independent tool (inspired by the windows tool ttaudio ) to create tiptoi gme files from mp3 files. Also creates a printable sheet to play the music.


  • convert music/audiobook albums from mp3 to gme format playable with the tiptoi pen using tttool.
  • automatic generation of control sheets that allow to control playback of music/audiobook.
  • flexible print layouts for various applications (see screenshots below).
  • Printing was tested to work with Chrome and Firefox on Mac Os and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 (Chrome and Firefox do not print with high enough resolution on Win 10, Opera seems to work occasionally).
  • Creation of printable PDFs on Windows systems.
  • automatic readout of id3 tags to get album and track info (including embedded cover images).
  • add cover images for nicer print layout.
  • copy gme files to tiptoi if tiptoi is connected.


  • Mac/Win: download the executables from the releases page. Put them somewhere and run them. Open localhost:10020 with a browser of your choice (except Internet Explorer).
  • linux: run the perl sources (see instructions below)


1. Add mp3 files

Add one or more mp3 files on the "Upload" page. Only add one album at a time.

2. Configure and create gme files

On the "Library" page, you can configure and create gme files. Mp3 tag data of recently uploaded files will automatically be used to pre-populate the artist, album title and track info.

3. Print the control page(s)

Once you choose to print one or more album from the library, a new page will open that displays the albums and their tracks from the gme files that you selected for printing.

You can customize the the print layout by clicking on " Configure print layout".

You can choose one of the three presets:

list : A list layout that includes all album details.

tiles : A tiled layout that includes only minimal album details and general controls that work with all albums.

CD booklet : A layout that is optimized for printing CD booklets.

Alternatively, you can manually choose which parts (cover image, album information, album control buttons, track list) to display, how many columns should be used and how large each album should be when printed.

You can also configure here which resolution should be used (in DPI) for printing (start with the maximum resolution your printer can handle). And how many pixels (in x and y direction) each dot of the OID code should use. Start with a value of 2 (read this if you want to know why). If you have problems with not recognized oid codes, first try to increase the number of pixels to 3 or 4 and then try to change the resolution setting.

4. Copy the gme files onto the tiptoi pen

Connect the tiptoi pen to your computer. If you do not see the button "Copy selected to TipToi", reload the library page. Now select the desired albums and click on "Copy selected to TipToi". Wait till the operation completes and a message appears that tells you that it is safe to disconnect the pen from the computer.


Print as detailed list


Print as tiles (fits many albums on one page)


Print as CD booklet (fits into standard CD cases)


Print configuration


required perl modules (for running ttmp32gme from source)

on linux systems, pdfs can be created using wkhtmltopdf if version 0.13.x is found on the path (i.e. in /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin).

run cpan -i (or the equivalent tool from your distro such as g-cpan for gentoo) followed by the following modules (some modules required the -f flag to install on my Mac OS system):

EV AnyEvent::HTTPD Path::Class Cwd File::Basename File::Find List::MoreUtils PAR Encode Text::Template; JSON::XS; URI::Escape; Getopt::Long; Perl::Version; DBI; DBIx::MultiStatementDo; Log::Message::Simple Music::Tag::MP3 Music::Tag::OGG Music::Tag::MusicBrainz Music::Tag::Auto MP3::Tag Image::Info

Build requirements

For building from source, you also need:



  • automatic download of cover images
  • enable separate printing of oid codes/text and cover images
  • handle more than 10 tracks for CD booklet (two column track layout)
  • upload multiple albums at once from the upload page
  • add and remove music files from library page
  • interface to use external CD ripping tools such as fre:ac
  • Run on a real webserver so that users can generate their gme files online (thanks to Joachim for the idea).