A ruby + redis script to monitor dsl disconnections
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pull-requests most welcome: please share your improvements.

A quick ruby+redis script to monitor DSL disconnections using time series with redis zadd/zrangebyscore.

Tested on Mac OS X with the stock Ruby 1.8.7 Snow Leopard install.

How to install

  • make sure you have redis up: brew install redis (I set it up to start at boot, too)
  • install the required gems for your system ruby (rvm system if you use rvm)
    • gem install redis
  • set up a cron with crontab -e
* * * * * cd /Users/thbar/git/uptime && ruby check_dsl.rb >> check_dsl.log 2>&1


  • plug a graphical front-end


Based on redis timeseries work by Paul Bellamy and antirez.