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@thbar thbar released this Mar 24, 2021

This is a maintenance release with code clean-up. Regular use should see no impact.

  • Breaking: Ruby 2.4 (EOL since 2020-03-31) is not officially supported anymore.
  • CI changes: moving from Travis CI (EOL) to GitHub actions. The Windows CI has been removed for now (see #97)
  • Breaking: if your jobs use Kiba's "legacy runner" via config :kiba, runner: Kiba::Runner, be aware that this legacy runner has been removed in #96. The upgrade path is to remove this config line and let Kiba use the more modern Kiba::StreamingRunner, which is the default anyway since Kiba v3.0.0 (see #83 for context) and is normally fully backward-compatible.
  • Cleanup: in Kiba v3, the kiba shell command had been deprecated and replaced by a simple stub printing a warning to STDERR. It is now removed for good.
  • StandardRB has been added for formatting & linting the codebase.
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