How to install rsync on windows (not yet automated)
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Starting this repo to keep notes about how I got rsync working on Windows.

My next planned step is to create a fully-automated script which will help anyone to run this on their machine (rather than distributing binaries, which I don't want to do).

How to get RSync on Windows:

  • install cygwin (enable rsync package)
  • grab those files from c:\cygwin\bin
    • rsync.exe
    • cygwin1.dll
    • cygiconv-2.dll
    • (you can double check the list of required dlls using dependency walker)
  • uninstall cygwin

How to use

Here's an example call from a Mac OS X machine:

rsync -qrlP --delete local-folder user@windows-server-ip:/cygdrive/c/target-folder --rsync-path=c:/tools/rsync.exe