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0.4.0 (01/17/2012)

  • major internal refactoring for usage as a lib
  • add fix for loading a custom vmrun_bin in ~/.fissionrc (issue #8 )

0.3.0 (09/16/2011)

  • add ability to suspend all running VMs ('--all')
  • add 'delete' command
  • add 'snapshot create' command
  • add 'snapshot list' command
  • add 'snapshot revert' command
  • add '--headless' option to start
  • fix issue #2

0.2.0 (07/13/2011)

  • add 'status' command
  • add 'start' command
  • add 'stop' command
  • add 'suspend' command
  • add support for cloning single and split disk VMs

0.1.0 (05/17/2011)

Initial release

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