Create a literate Vim configuration because reasons.
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Literate Vimrc

"Literate" Vimrc is more than a bit of a misnomer. It, unlike Donald Knuth's vision of Literate Programming, does not support a loosely coupled web of macros -- instead it just lets you write a file in Markdown that has codeblocks (as defined by v0.27 of the CommonMark spec) containing Vimscript as your ~/.vimrc file.


The intent of this plugin is to create a literate version of your ~/.vimrc file. As such, all that needs to be done is to copy the autoload/literatevimrc.vim file into your ~/.vim/autoload directory, move your current ~/.vimrc over to ~/ (ensuring that the contents of the file are in a Markdown fenced codeblock) and add the line execute literatevimrc#load("~/") to your, now empty, ~/.vimrc.

Step by step install

Clone this repo and move the autoload/literatevimrc.vim file to ~/.vim/autoload

git clone this ~/src/LiterateVimrc
mv ~/src/LiterateVimrc/autoload/literatevimrc.vim ~/.vim/autoload/

Move your old ~/.vimrc flies to a Markdown file inside a fenced codeblock, and call the plugin to parse your new "literate" ~/ inside your actual ~/.vimrc.

echo "~~~" > ~/
cat ~/.vimrc >> ~/
echo 'execute literatevimrc#load("~/")' > ~/.vimrc