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πŸΏπŸ“Ό Sensorr - A movie release radar like CouchPotato, Radarr and Watcher3
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πŸΏπŸ“Ό Sensorr

A simple movie release radar like CouchPotato, Radarr and Watcher3, written in Javascript with React


🚨 This is early experimental, currently will only support Cardigann and Jackett.


Screenshot Description
  • Trending
  • Discover (Popular)
  • Discover (Random year)
  • Discover (Random genre)
Movies / Collection
  • Manage your movies collection (wished and archived)
Movies / Search
  • Search for a movie by it's title
Movies / Details
  • See movie details
  • Consider movie as, πŸ”• ignored, 🍿 wished or πŸ“Ό archived
  • Look for results on sources (torznab / newznab) - requested with title (localized) and original_title
  • Grab a result
Stars / Upcoming
  • Track upcoming movies from followed stars !
Stars / Following
  • Manage stars you're following
Stars / Search
  • Search for stars
Stars / Details
  • See star details
  • Follow star πŸ”• ignored, πŸ”” followed
  • Simple configuration
  • Secured WebUI (with basic-auth)
  • Language aware, by default search on TMDB with first window.navigator.languages
  • Plex synchronization, never inadvertently download a movie you already own !
  • See logs details
  • Every wished movie processed


  • dev: launch development server for React frontend
  • express: launch Sensorr web server without serving frontend
  • build: build frontend to dist folder
  • prod: run pm2 apps, Sensorr (web server) and Sensorr (record cron)
  • start: launch build and prod scripts
  • doc: launch docz documentation server


Checkout Sensorr Docker image, it let you skip every complex environment configuration and just run a clean installation, just open a terminal with docker installed and run:

# `/home/user/.sensorr` will be your config path
# `/home/user/downloads` will be your blackhole path
docker run -p 5070:5070 -v /home/user/.sensorr:/app/sensorr/config -v /home/user/downloads:/app/sensorr/blackhole --name="sensorr" thcolin/sensorr

Tips: Docker image is based on alpine, so you can add TZ env variable with -e TZ=Europe/Paris


  • Edit default configuration in config/config.json or http://localhost:5070/configure


Currently CLI tool is mainly designed to work with pm2 and ecosystem.config.js which launch ./bin/sensorr record -a everyday at 17:00 / 5:00PM and ./bin/sensorr stalk everyday at 00:00

🚨 Warning: CLI tool need to communicate with Sensorr web server at http://localhost:5070 to sync databases ! Be sure Sensorr web server is launched before launching record command.

     _________  __________  ___  ___
    / __/ __/ |/ / __/ __ \/ _ \/ _ \
   _\ \/ _//    /\ \/ /_/ / , _/ , _/

🍿 πŸ“Ό - Movie release radar (CouchPotato, Radarr and Watcher3 alternative)

Usage: sensorr [command] [options]

  πŸ“° stalk               Stalk stars and update movie credits
  πŸ“Ό record              Try to "record" (aka download best release) every wished movies
  πŸ”— sync                Consider all movies from your Plex server as "archived"

  -p, --port             Specify localhost <port> [default: 5070]
  -h, --help             Output usage information
  -v, --version          Output the version number
  # record
  -b, --blackhole <dir>  Download releases .torrent and .nzb to <dir> [default: /tmp]
  -f, --filter <regexp>  Filter releases returned by configured XZNAB
  -s, --sort <key>       Sort releases by <key> (among: seeders, peers or size) [default: seeders]
  -D, --descending       Sort releases in descending order
  -a, --auto             Automatically select first release according to --filter, --sort and --descending options

Tips: Sensorr will use your `config.js` and fallback on default


  • WebUI
    • Fix
      • Handle TMDB errors (like "Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key.") on components
    • Features
      • Filter adult content (like /star/1412545) - optional
      • Display role on Star.Row (crew) tooltip
      • Improve filter ("I prefer MULTI, else I want TRUEFRENCH, else FRENCH is good, finally I'm ok with VOSTFR")
      • Export/Import database
      • Sync with Plex
        • More features ?
          • Plex manage all medias, so we can get release (source, language, resolution, ...) and download better if available, like CouchPotato
      • Filter movie.release_dates (only Premiere, Theatrical (limited), Theatrical, Digital or Physical - cf. /movie/{movie_id}/release_dates) on Upcoming page
      • Display Persona director on Movie
      • Trending studios
      • Responsive design / mobile UI-UX
  • CLI
    • Download "grouped" by title and not xznab (should reduce timeout error on some xznab)
    • Summary command result
      • stalk:
          ${stars} Stars stalked with ${total} movie credits ! πŸŽ‰
      • record:
          ${found} Movies archived to ${sensorr.config.blackhole} ! πŸŽ‰
            * ${movie.title} (${movie.year}) with release ${release.generated}
          But ${notfound} still not found.. 😢
            * ${movie.title} (${movie.year}) : 0 releases found including 0 filtered
  • App (Phone / TV)
    • Features
      • Connect to server with QR code
      • Streaming



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