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An app that streamlines the process of getting support under the Care Act through The Advocacy Project
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The Advocacy Project

Your voice. Your rights. Your choice.

See it online

This has been designed mobile first.

  • An MVP web application created under the umbrella of the Founders & Coders cohort 15 Tech-For-Better scheme
  • Made in collaboration with The Advocacy Project, this application allows vulnerable adults in Hackney, London to collect the evidence they need to trigger an assessment for care and support under the Care Act 2014. An email with their information is sent directly to the Local Authority as well as to The Advocacy Project, thereby streamlining the process of triggering duty.

Built with:


View on Heroku:


Run application locally:

  1. In your terminal, run the commands:
git clone
cd advocacy-app
npm i
npm run dev

  1. Create a .env file in your root directory

  2. Add the email address and password that you'd like to email from to the .env file. Make sure your .env file is listed in your .gitignore file

  3. Open your browser to:http://localhost:3001/

Main aims of the application

  • To help a service user identify their rights and trigger duty under the Care Act 2014
  • To help a service user collect evidence of their right for an assessment under the Care Act
  • To help a service user request an advocate to help them receive the support they need
  • To help a service user learn about the Care Act in the clearest, most accessible way possible


Designed and built by:

Scrum Master DevOps QA UX / UI Product Owner
Kristina Alex Cynthia Jason Rachel Butt
@teenie-quaggard @aterna01 @onwordi @jcharnley The Advocacy Project
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