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The Blue Alliance

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The Blue Alliance is a FIRST Robotics tool to help teams scout for, compete at, and relive competitions. You can see how the whole site works here, or even write code to make it better!

Help Build The Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is a community-driven website, so there are many ways you can contribute to the project.

Contribute Code

First off, be sure to read through the project contributing guidelines to understand what is expected of project contributors. Follow these instructions to get your environment up and running. Once you have made your changes, submit a pull request to get it reviewed and merged!

Add Data

  • Facebook Join our group, #moardata @ The Blue Alliance, to submit video and match data we're missing on the site.
  • Submit missing videos using the "Add Video" links on the site.
  • Submit missing webcasts, team photos, etc using other links on the site.

Stay in Touch