With WhISIS in charge, there'll be @realHellToupee.
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A proud first release from artist Sofa King Awesome, 12.26.2015. https://twitter.com/realHellToupee

You can build your own twitter bot by taking this code and modifying it. Current version strips @'s to avoid accidental retweets. See below for implementation details.

Sofa King Awesome

On loan by the artist, to the public.

Inspired by the lovely Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj skit, "Donald Trump: The White ISIS," this twitter bot scans for new tweets mentioning Donald Trump every two minutes. It replaces all instances of Trump with WhISIS ("why-sis") and Make America Great Again with Notice me, Senapi!. The resulting retweets are both eerie and comical. An overidentification with racist fascism reminds us of the stakes and twisted sincerity of participants on the one hand, while an overidientification with self-referential meme culture reminds us that the Internet is serious business after all.

Requires node and npm. You also need a Twitter App access token, consumer key, and associated secrets: https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new

You'll need to add all that info to helltoupee.js before running the program. Don't worry - code is commented.

Instead of putting the secrets into helltoupee.js directly (don't upload your secretes to github!) I used fs (part of the core Node.js API) to read these in from files in the same local directory as helltoupee.js for local development, and referenced environment ("config") variables for deployment on heroku.

Code inspired by https://github.com/dariusk/metaphor-a-minute. Thanks Darius!

Check packages.json for dependencies.

npm install

node helltoupee.js