The Butterfly Effect, a realistic physics simulation game
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#Welcome to "The Butterfly Effect" We are working on Milestone C (also known as the '0.9.4' release)

You're currently looking at the development branch, where the switchover from Qt C++ Widgets to QML is happening. This impacts playability

If you want to know the current status, please look at

This is a fully playable game of beta quality, well on its way to a shiny 1.0 release.

You can download the game at its website, go to

If you downloaded the source archive - please refer to the file to learn how to turn the sources into a working game and on how to run the game.

If you downloaded the installer, you now have an icon on your desktop: just (double-)click it to enjoy the game.

There are 76 levels. All 63 levels up to and including "Find the Message" are definitely playable, a few levels may need a bit more polish. The levels after "Find the Message" are harder levels, play at your own risk!

###New features & highlights in Milestone C:

###Alternative solutions If you feel you found a solution to a level that is not right, please post an issue on github: More info is also availble in the TBE Help menus.

###Running in other languages If you want to change language, start TBE from the command line and type:

LANGUAGE="nl" ./tbe

Of course, for German you use "de", for spanish "es" and for Russian "ru".

Aternatively, you can switch language through the menu "Languages".

###Known bugs and issues:

  • we are not happy with the current UI, this is the major item for Milestone C.
  • you will crash the level creator if you enter bogus text in the object editor.

###Thanks: We thank our beta players for their comments on the playability of the levels. Especially:

  • All attendees at ELCE 2009, T-Dose 2010, TkkrLab
  • Naxxatoe,
  • "ankouglio", "doe544", "e6222f5c", "jillest", "desmoinn", "eyerouge", "linuxalien", "pabs3"
  • Margo, Bart, Jelle, Thijs, Aschwin and Quinten.
  • Suzanne, Rutger and Julia
  • Alexl a.k.a. glixx
  • Wuzzy, who also contributed many new levels
  • Niels Vastenhout, Tim and Jos de Coo

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the game!


Peter van Ginneken, Klaas van Gend

and everyone who contributed to TBE