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My dot-files repository which uses dotbot to deploy the dots
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My dot-files repository which uses dotbot to deploy the dots


There are 2 ways to install the configurations. First way is to install with profiles. Profiles are under /meta/profiles, every program inside the profile file will be installed.

./install-profile mac

Second way is to use install-standalone scrip to install individually. You can look at what configs/programs are available to install under /meta/configs.

./install-standalone zsh

Programs & configs

Mac OS & Linux

  • vim : actually neovim configs
    • Requires python3, pip, and virtualenv to be installed
  • tmux : terminal multiplexer. Config from
  • zsh : oh-my-zsh shell config
    • Requires oh-my-zsh to be preinstalled first, then ~/.zshrc to be deleted


  • i3 : tiling window manager
  • rofi : spotlight app search thing for linux
  • polybar : the menu bar replacement for tiling window managers
  • termite : a terminal emulator, color configs

Mac OS

  • chunkwm : tiling window manager for Mac
  • skhd : keyboard hotkey daemon for chunkwm
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