STM8S headers patched for SDCC
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STM8S header

What is it?

It is a collection of STM8S/STM8AF header definitions officially offered by STMicroelectronics but with some patch to enable SDCC support.

Currently supported targets

  • STM8S208
  • STM8S207
  • STM8S007
  • STM8AF52Ax
  • STM8AF62Ax
  • STM8S105
  • STM8S005
  • STM8AF626x
  • STM8AF622x
  • STM8S103
  • STM8S003
  • STM8S903
  • STM8S001

Why a handful of STM8 SDCC example found over the internet did not use the official headers?

Historically, libraries like the one you found here is not possible per ST licensing terms.

Back then, the patch to support more compilers apart from the compilers ST officially supported would violate the license set by STMicroelectronics. At some point, ST released their libraries under more permissive licensing terms. Now, this is possible, but with some restrictions, please see for more info.

Aim of this repository

  • Keep the changes least intrusive to the official header files
  • Ease of library usage and dependency management via git submodules


People just change and patch whatever works for them. I also patch the header files just to make them works on my use cases. The patches are far from perfect but they will keep progressing relying on contributions. Pull requests are very welcome and discussable.


All code in this repository is subjected to the MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2. Redistribution inside a project with a different license does not override the license on the header files in this repository.