A Command Line Utility To Store, Retrieve and Search Encrypted Files In Google Drive
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My Encrypted Access

A small PHP, command line tool that allows storage, retrieval and searching encrypted files in Google Drive. It's main focus is to allow people that have a "passwords" file stored in Google Drive or even on their desktop to safely store it and have easy access to it's content. I wrote it to protect my crypto wallets passphrases and private keys as well as other sensitive data.

Installation and Usage

  • Make sure you have php installed on your *nix or on windows along with composer (https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md)

  • Fire up the project in your desired folder git clone https://github.com/the-codepunker/my-encrypted-access.git . && composer install

  • Create a project with Google Cloud (https://console.cloud.google.com/apis) and make sure you select OTHER as type as well as ENABLING it after creating. Download the client secret and client ID as json. Place it as secret.json in the root folder of the repo.

  • Modify the __FILE_NAME__ constant in access.php according to your needs.

  • Upload an empty txt file (named exactly the same) in any of your private Google Drive folders

  • Place your "sensitive" file (named exactly the same) in the root of the project and run php access.php ...

  • Run php access.php and go through the "authorization process"...

    1. A url will be generated in the command line - use that to grant access
    2. Google will generate a token which you can paste back into the command line
  • Once authorized, you will be asked "What to do next ?". The first step is to encrypt the local file and push it to drive so type: encrypt and then confirm when asked if you want to push to gDrive.

  • The app is built as a "step by step" wizard... so just follow the instructions...

!!!Make sure to never push the secret.json and credentials.json files if you choose to fork this project!!!

Donations are welcome:

ETH :: 0x9335fE2BCdca68407ed5Ae5FB196d2c69CAf96Da
BTC :: 3MxwhHQPHNhdDTfL3XyYGy7hdxCdZ1wVmp