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License - Dargon.txt
License - ItzWarty.txt
README - Licensing

The Dargon Project

Dargon is NOT FEATURE COMPLETE nor FULLY FUNCTIONAL! See the Issue Tracker for more information.


The Dargon Client facilitates the safe installation of League of Legends modifications. We are unique in that we apply modifications in-memory; no game data is directly overwritten, which prevents client data corruption. We hope to support other games in the future.

Nest/Dargon (aka Dargopia) aims to become a .net application framework. End goals and key strengths should be client-side deployment, building multiprocess applications, and self-hosting at small-to-medium scale.

Maintainers and Contributors

You may contact me at /r/dargon or @ItzWarty.

Current Team

  • Michael "ItzWarty" Yu - Owns development.
  • Eduardo "Inflames" Cabrera - User advocate, owns production.
  • Adrian "RichieSams" Astley - Another developer, also awesome.

We want more developers! If you're looking to help out, there's a lot of up-for-grabs and cool stuff to be done.

Past Contributors

Individuals who have contributed to Dargon in no particular order: Michael "ItzWarty" Yu, Adrian Astley, Ryan LaSarre, Eduardo Cabrera.

Special thanks goes to: Brian Chan, Richard Min, and a ton of mentors. Also, velkor2, yourbuddypal, themantrum, and GorbyRU for their efforts back in 2011.

Building The Dargon Client

  • git clone --recursive
  • explorer dargon-root.sln (or just manually open it)
  • build the entire project to restore nuget packages
  • git reset --hard
  • build again.

Terminology (It's confusing)

  • the dargon project - the overall name of this effort.
  • dargopia - our joke way of referring to all this work.
  • dargon client - refers to League of Legends modding application.
    • client - the GUI of the Dargon Client.
    • core - daemon which does most of the client's busy work.
    • trinket - hijacks other processes to override behavior.
  • server - server-side code.
    • platform - backend code.
    • webend - e.g. APIs exposed over port 80.
    • hydar - experimental (wip) in-memory data grid.
  • nest - application deployment, patching, bootstrapping.
  • libraries
    • courier - udp-focused networking library
    • management - jconsole for .net - lets you create debugging endpoints for applications without creating a proper gui.
    • portable-objects - serialization library
      • pof-streams - exposes pof streams and provides utilities for consuming them.
    • ryu - IoC container integrated with Dargon's tech
    • services - remote-method-invocation library
    • NMockito - mocking framework
    • NLombok - wip - lessens the boilerplate
    • random crap
      • audits - wip, owner Brian Chan
      • filesystems - abstracts filesystems, was once considered a good idea
      • io - exposes filesystems as nodes.
      • itzwarty.commons - useful extensions for .net
      • itzwarty.proxies - proxy classes useful for testability
      • scene - 3d scene-building api (wip)
      • systemstate - useful for feature-toggle functionality
      • league of legends - it's a fun game
        • rads - reads Riot Application Distribution System files
        • wgeo - reads map data
      • libvfm - creates virtual file descriptors to tell trinket how files should look.