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IOElectrify is a macOS kext which enables always-on power to Intel Thunderbolt hardware.

In Depth

macOS expects the Intel Thunderbolt controller to be always powered on. This opposed to the Windows implementation where Thunderbolt devices are configured through the BIOS.

Most ACPI implementations on Windows machines expose a Thunderbolt force-power method.

This method is published using the Windows Management Instrumentation ACPI interface.

macOS does not support Windows Management Instrumentation out of the box, this is where IOElectrify comes in.

IOElectrify attaches to the WTBT ACPI object and determines the method with guid 86ccfd48-205e-4a77-9c48-2021cbede341.

For both the awake and sleep events, IOElectrify will respectively activate and de-activate the Intel Thunderbolt force-power setting.


IOElectrify attaches to ACPI identity PNP0C14 with an _UID of TBFP by default. This can be modified in the Info.plist as required.


  • Dell XPS 9360 - Alpine Ridge 2C 8086:1716