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Week 4

meeting date: 10-20-2016


Proof Neural Nets can Compute any Function

  • Neural nets can compute any function (i.e., they are universal), assuming that:

    1. we accept they are an approximation (that can be improved by the inclusion of additional hidden neurons), as opposed to an exact solution
    2. the function they are explaining is continuous (e.g., no sharp jumps)
  • For the first time in our study session, we moved from whiteboarding to a projector to cover this content

  • In his fourth chapter, Michael Nielsen did a tremendous job of developing thematically-coherent, interactive Java applets that facilitate a clear visual understanding of this proof; try it for yourself!

  • A fair bit of our discussion centered on the practicalities of expanding the proof beyond two inputs features into n-dimensional space

Factors making Deep Neural Networks Difficult to Train

  • We primarily discussed the causes of, implications of, and methods to mitigate unstable gradients, which in deep neural nets tend to vanish but under certain circumstances can instead explode
  • We also touched on other factors that can make deep nets difficult to train, e.g., the propensity for sigmoid neurons to saturate in later layers, the perils of fully-random weight initialization

Visualizing the Function of Particular Hidden Layers


  • We took a break from applications for this session to focus on finishing shortly Nielsen's text, but we'll return to practical work for the next session