Duck Application Launcher - A dock like you've never seen before. [Unmaintained]
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I no longer work on this project, and I'm not likely to working on it anytime soon. If anyone would like to maintain it, please contact me at

Duck Launcher

Duck Launcher is an application launcher and a dock made for linux. It's supposed to be beautiful while being useful. With the Duck Launcher, all your basic needs are pleased in one place: -Launch your apps

You can access your favorite apps easily on the dock, or you can find all your apps simply by clicking on the top icon. -Browse your files

[Work in progress] You will be able to access your files easily, without having to open the file manager each time. -Star

"Star" is kind of an extension of the file browser and the app launcher: you can choose any application, file or folder and add it. But these can be separated in blocks. Let's say you're a graphic artist, then you'll add a block named "Graphics" and add a few apps, like blender and gimp, and a folder where you store your files, and perhaps a file your working on right know. -Plugins

With plugins, the searching experience pushes its limits. Whereas just searching for apps, you could potentially search for anything, be it from a web service or from some local media. You just need a plugin for what you want to search. Due to the flexibility of the plugin system (as it uses web languages for the user interface), a plugin could even be a simple application.
-Customize Duck Launcher

With the duck settings, you can customize a lot of things, like your dock apps, the launcher's color, etc... -Screenshots

Check out -Install:

To install, you must have a debian-based system.
If you are not on an ubuntu based system
-From gihtub, download and extract source, then cd to the launcher-master and run:debuild -i -us -uc -b. You'll get a .deb file, and you can install by double clicking on this file...

To install on ubuntu, run:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:the-duck/launcher
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install duck-launcher