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#Mark this up!

We’re sharing this work not because we’ve figured it all out, but because we want your help in making sense of complicated issues. You can help improve this text and move us all towards a stronger a understanding these challenges by adding comments, questions and ideas.

You can annotate these pages: These webpages use scripts to allow commenting, highlighting and general live web annotation. This means that anyone can comment on the content, to help us improve it over time. Read more about the amazing project at

Here’s how:

See those three icons popping up in the top right hand corner of the screen? That’s how you access and control the web annotation software. In descending order, they will allow you to open the control panel, to hide highlights and annotations, or to show comments for the page.

  1. First, log in. It’s very easy to create an account, and you can do so anonymously with a spoofer email address, but you must be logged in to annotate the web content.
  2. Now, select any text that catches your eye, and you will get prompts to highlight it or to add a comment.
  3. Choose the highlighting pen to mark that text in yellow for everyone viewing this page.
  4. Select the text bubble to add a comment, which you can then edit with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor in the right hand sidebar. You can set the comment as public for everyone, or only visible to you. The sidebar will also show you the full list of others’ comments on the page, and you can respond to them, or pull links for individual comment threads.

REMEMBER: everyone viewing these pages will be able to see everyone’s annotations, but only those who login to will be able to add and respond to comments.

##Questions? Email or about technical issues involved in using the annotation software. Email questions about how to engage with this text, if you’re unsure about what kinds of comments you should be making, who this book is for, or how you can best contribute to these efforts.