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Editing the Microtasking Page

The editable text in this page is stored available here: /_posts/2015-12-07-microtasking.md Note that the section names (Definition, Examples, etc.) cannot change or the menu will cease to work. For help formatting Markdown, check the GitHub Markdown Basics

Creating a New Page

Create a markdown (.md) file in the _posts directory with a filename matching YYYY-MM-DD-title.md. Add the required jekyll front-matter lines at the beginning of each page.

    layout: page
    title: PAGE TITLE

page content

Running the Library Locally

In the command line, run: jekyll serve --watch --baseurl '' Open a web browser to http://localhost:4000/page_name to see your content.

Deploying Updates

Please commit your changes and push to the gh-pages branch. We set up a post-receive hook that will checkout any new changes with every push.

If you have write access to this repo, you can check if the build is successful on Travis.