A collection of guides for and by first-timers
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A collection of guides for and by first-timers

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First-timers guide is a guide to encourage more people to venture into open-source. The word guide can be a little misunderstood here; it means articles written in MarkDown format about various topics in Computer Science ranging from time complexity to Word2Vec. Anyone, literally anyone can contribute to the repository


It's quite simple. Just write an article in MarkDown format about a topic you know; the article should be between 100-150 words and easy to read for a newbie. And then pull a request to start. 🎉


  1. Fork the project
  2. Add your article
  3. Follow the rules given here
  4. Mission Accomplished! 🎉

To see how a perfect pull request is made, see this pull request.


First-timers-guide will be thrilled to participate or collaborate with any society or group that promotes open-source anywhere in the world. And we would be really happy to help you guys- anything for open-source!

For collaborating drop us a mail at dhruvgirishapte[at]gmail[dot]com or make an issue in this repository.


Q: Can I submit a code file in any language?

A: No. If it is absolutely essential you may talk about it to the owner and he will decide.

Q: I don't know a language. Can I contribute?

A: Absolutely. You don't require knowledge of any particular language. However, you must know about the article you are contributing.


The MIT License 2017 - Dhruv Apte.