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SideQuest Setup & How To install

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SideQuest is for PC only, not Mobile phones or Headsets

SideQuest is a side loading application and it requires an external device (A PC) in order to sideload from, so be aware installing SideQuest to your actual Quest device so you can download apps and games directly within headset and never touching a PC again is not possible, the SideQuest application within the App Store is only a launcher for apps installed from SideQuest on your PC.

Before installation

make sure before anything to use a phone USB cable that can transfer data instead of the cable that comes with your Quest as the cable that comes with the device is not suited for data transfer.

Step 1: Install SideQuest To Your Computer

Be sure to click your related OS out of the links shown below to download and install SideQuest before you continue with these steps, Windows users use the .EXE, Mac users use the DMG and so on.

SideQuest Installer

Install SideQuest

Step 2: Create Organization

To be able to sideload to the Headset at all you have to be a registered "developer" first, so just go to Create new organization on your PC and put in a dummy organization name. You'll be asked to accept the developer agreement, do so and then your set to move on.

Step 3: Install Drivers (Windows users Only)

Make sure before anything further to use a proper cable, such as phone USB cable that can transfer data instead of the cable that comes with your Quest as the cable that comes with the device is not suited for data transfer.

To properly install the driver software for your device into windows. First Go to this Install drivers page on your PC and download the folder containing the drivers to your PC, then locate the drivers ZIP folder and extract the zip folder as shown below.

(Though it may so it is for the GO The Oculus Go drivers work for the Quest as well)

Go into the new unextracted folder,

and right click the android_winusb.inf file to click install.

Note that it may or may not have .inf at the end, both are the exact same file so do not worry about it being there or missing as that is normal.

Step 4: Reboot & Enable Developer Mode

Now that you're a "developer", open the Oculus app on your smartphone or tablet. and follow the steps below from the Oculus application gotten for initial device setup.

Also make sure to Disable Unlock Pattern if it is enabled,

Make sure it asks if you want to "set unlock pattern" as that means it is off like it should be

Once you have enabled developer mode MAKE SURE TO REBOOT YOUR HEADSET to let your PC be able to see the device.

Step 5: Connect USB Cable and Allow USB Debugging

Now it's time to connect the USB cable. make sure a guardian is set up around your headset so that once you are connected you will have to allow USB debugging access inside your headset. If you put your headset on at this point should see the below.

if it does not appear and you are on windows, be sure to set up a standalone guardian and that you have SideQuest opened

For any odd connection issues, check HERE and try everything in the list, after you are connected properly make sure to select 'Always allow from this computer' within your headset while still plugged in to your PC to prevent this message from coming up every time you connect and you should be ready to install Apps,Games and Mods.

Step 6: Install App Launcher


Installing the launcher will make finding Sideloaded apps easier on your headset, The launcher will be found in the library under 'Unknown Sources' on the menu on the left. Open it to find all the Apps that have been installed on your device.

install the Quest App launcher by clicking the link and hitting install latest, then going back to your browser to click confirm.

Be sure to go back to the browser and click confirm in your web browser, then you are set to go. You can now install Apps to your headset and open them from the SideQuest launcher. You can find it in the side menu of the library under the Unknown Sources section called SideQuest - TV as well as SideQuest - Home. This will show you all the Apps on the device even hidden ones you would otherwise not see, to fast launch some Apps you can install the official OculusTV from the store and open it from your O-Bar with the (TV) button in headset and just scroll to the bottom, you will find most Apps there as well.

To learn about BeatSaber and how to Install custom songs to it with Beat on just go HERE

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