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The Foundation

Build Status

Public website for The Foundation, a hackerspace based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Making changes

There are several ways to make changes to the site:

  1. Editing a page through GitHub (ideal for small changes)
  2. Editing a page through (ideal for editing/creating pages)
  3. Forking this repository and running the site locally (ideal for making structural or design changes to the site)

Running the site locally

The Foundation's website is built on GitHub Pages, which uses Jekyll, the static site generator written in Ruby.

Linux and Mac OS X

Clone the repository, and run the setup script:


This script will check your dependencies and walk you through the process to set up the site. It can safely be run multiple times.


Install Ruby (2.1.0, 2.0.0, and 1.9.3 supported) and Bundler.

Clone the repository, cd into the project directory and run:

bundle install

Run the site with:

bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Blog posts

Blog posts live in _posts.

Adding a blog post


To create a new blog post, add a file to the _posts directory with the format:


For example, you might create file in _posts called:

Inside the file you might have:

title: Hello world
excerpt: A blog post
author: pete

Hello, world!


A blog needs an author. Authors are defined in _data/authors.yml. You can add an entry like this:

  name: Pete Nicholls


Formatting is handled with Markdown. You can include HTML verbatim.

Code snippets can be done with syntax highlighting using Pygments.

{% highlight ruby %}
def some_code
  puts "OK"
{% endhighlight %}