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Fuseki Docker

Builds a docker image with a Fuseki install. Note that the Fuseki version is hardcoded in the HTTP request to the Apache mirror.


  • Docker
  • A Fuseki config file. One is included in this folder; to use your own, replace config.ttl with your config and edit the Dockerfile if you are mounting a TDB location other than /data

To build

$ docker build .

To run

The file named config.ttl will be copied into the image and used as the config file for the Fuseki instance, named config.ttl, and located at /opt/fuseki/config/config.ttl. Run like so (where <image> is your image ID):

docker run -d --name fuseki -v <host-fuseki-tdb-location>:/data <image>

If you are running this, having not built it yourself, you can pass in a config file like so, assuming that your config.ttl file is in the folder <config-folder-location>:

docker run -d --name fuseki -v <config-folder-location>:/opt/fuseki/config <image>

This will expose port 3030 by default.

Override the internally-mounted /data folder by using the -v flag and passing in the location of your TDB data. Note that the default config.ttl file expects the TDB location to be /data, so you will have to override that before running the build as well.

JVM Args

Note that the JVM args are being overridden to provide more max swap. Change the run-fuseki script if you do not want to do this.