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The Grid API documentation

Documentation for the public APIs of The Grid.

The latest built version is at developer.thegrid.io

For corrections, improvements file issues or pull requests in the the-grid/apidocs on Github.

Commandline tools

Several code examples are available as command-line tools, and can be useful for scripting, testing or development. You will need to have node.js installed.

To install

npm install -g thegrid-apidocs


thegrid-authenticate             # get a The Grid user token, for use with the other tools

thegrid-share-file myfile.jpg    # share a file on disk to The Grid
thegrid-share-url http://coolblog.org/nifty.html                 # share article
thegrid-share-url http://myoldsite.com/article.html nocompress   # import all content of URL

thegrid-site-configure http://mygridsite.com colors   # show site config (here for colors)
thegrid-site-configure http://mygridsite.com name "My new name"   # set site config (here website title)


In addition to the human-readable documentation, a set of JSON Schemas are provided. These can can be used to validate payloads, generate test-cases etc.

You can install or depend on these using NPM

npm install thegrid-apidocs

JavaScript validation example (using tv4 library)

var tv4 = require('tv4');
var apidocs = require('thegrid-apidocs');

var myPost = ....
var postSchema = apidocs.getSchema('item');
var valid = tv4.validate(myPost, postSchema);


The descriptions of HTTP APIs are using Blueprint found in ./blueprint. These are human-readable but can also be used to set up mock servers etc using the various tools that consume Blueprint.

Tests & examples

The schemas are tested for correctness using data-driven tests. Each of the valid and invalid ./examples, creates a testcase which ensures that the schema classifies it correctly.

The same examples are referenced in the Blueprint docs.