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The Guild

A group of open source developers, bringing a different approach for sustainable open source. Our philosophy is to place our libraries under a person's name.

Hey, we are The Guild!

We are a group of open source developers specializing on sustainable open source development with focus on the GraphQL JavaScript ecosystem.

Our solutions

Build GraphQL servers

  • GraphQL Yoga. Fully-featured, simple to set up, performant and extendable GraphQL server.
  • Envelop. The missing GraphQL Plugin System.
  • GraphQL Mesh. A fully featured GraphQL Gateway framework.
  • GraphQL Modules. Enterprise Grade Tooling for building modular GraphQL Server.
  • GraphQL Scalars. Custom GraphQL Scalars for creating precise type-safe GraphQL schemas.

Supercharge your workflow

  • Hive. Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows.
  • Inspector. The Schema management tool for your CI and CD processes.
  • GraphQL Code Generator. Generate type-safe experiences for your GraphQL API.
  • GraphQL Tools. The swiss knife utility for all things GraphQL.
  • GraphQL Eslint. Parser, plugin and set rules for GraphQL schemas and operations.

Build great user experience

  • Apollo Angular. A fully-featured, production ready caching GraphQL client for Angular.
  • KitQL. A set of tools, helping you building efficient Svelte apps in a fast way.

Meta - Tools we use to build our tools


  1. Stack Stack Public

    Tech Stack developed by The Guild

    253 24

  2. website website Public

    The Guild website & blog

    MDX 96 61

  3. docs docs Public

    TypeScript 31 13

  4. changesets-dependencies-action changesets-dependencies-action Public

    A GitHub Action for creating Changesets files for dependencies updates.

    TypeScript 24 4

  5. notion-github-sync notion-github-sync Public

    A CloudFlare Worker / script / bot to sync Notion pages publicly as GitHub Discussions.

    TypeScript 31 3

  6. shared-config shared-config Public

    A collection of config, setups, pipelines and GitHub Actions we use in our tools

    JavaScript 28 6


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