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Welcome to the ClansPro wiki!


ClansPro is a premium alternative to Factions with unique clan features & chunk based claiming.


Plugin Info


Land Claiming An embedded, togglable clan land claiming system with toggleable addons such as Borders and Map that display visual representations of land based on player location.
Included Addons Every addon is currently available for use at all times (e.g., the Dynmap addon will register automatically once Dynmap is detected in your plugins)!
Multi-language Support You can configure and format the plugin's messages to your language!
Controllable Permissions Clans can customize their own rank permissions!
Configurable GUI The server roster list GUI is completely customizable.
API Structure For developers--the structure is very similar to ClansFree but is more complete.
Blacklisting Block specific/racial clan names and take action based upon the word and block color codes from being used suck as &k
PvP Modes Configurable PvP modes.
Colors ClansPro has support for both regular & color codes and FULL support for 1.16+'s new HEX-based color codes!
Bounties Place bounties on specific players and let your clan members claim the prize!
Placeholders Placeholders are great c:

Supported Region Plugins

All unless tested otherwise.

Included Addons