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Resources for the 2016 Museum Computer Network panel "Creating Anti-Oppressive Spaces Online"


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Creating Anti-Oppressive Spaces in Museums

This project contains a set of tools that museum workers can use to ensure that our organizations and projects remain as inclusive as possible. Here's what you'll find:

  • Checklists - These contains the bulk of the info we're presenting.
  • Ideas - Contains some bigger ideas we advocate for.
  • Tools - Additional tools you may find helpful.
  • Definitions - We've defined some of the terms we use here.
  • A PDF handout which includes the tech project checklist and defninitions of terms, ready to print & distribute.

Get involved

We see this very much as a work in progress, and we're happy to do so openly. We're always open to your suggestions, criticism and feedback. There are lots of ways to get involved!

Reach out to one of the contributors

You can ping any of us on Twitter to chat about your ideas. Our contact info is below under Contributors.

Create an issue

All our conversations will eventually make their way to this project as an issue. If you'd like, create the issue directly! It's as straightforward as sending an e-mail. You'll need to be logged into GitHub.

Make the changes yourself

GitHub has a mechanism for contributing to projects called pull requests. If you're feeling fancy, clone this project, make your own changes, and submit a pull request. We can make comments and have a conversation on your changes, and you can continue to make edits, before they get added to the main content.


Sina Bahram
Prime Access Consulting

Eric Gardner
Getty Museum

Sarita Hernandez
Fwd: Museums Journal

fari nzinga
Southern University at New Orleans, Createquity

Trish Oxford
Trish Oxford Media

nikhil trivedi
A museum in Chicago

Aletheia Wittman
The Incluseum


This repository began with the Tech Project Checklist that was developed in conjunction with the panel Creating Anti-Oppressive Spaces Online at the 2016 meeting of the Museum Computer Network.

Does your sign-up form reinforce binary notions of gender? Does your latest web project unintentionally exclude visitors with different abilities, or from different backgrounds? Many of us are interested in creating anti-oppressive spaces in our work--those that share power more equitably, are representative of the places our institutions reside, and account for the traumatic histories that allowed many of our institutions to be established. This brainstorming session will look at existing spaces that have thought well in this area, and radically imagine what might be possible in the future. Attendees will walk away with a number of concrete ideas that they can apply to their current and future projects, which in incremental ways will push our sector towards a more just future that centers more and more people.

At the same time, The Incluseum was working on a similar effort, which has become the Organizational Checklist. Because of the overlap in our efforts, we decided to combine our work.


Resources for the 2016 Museum Computer Network panel "Creating Anti-Oppressive Spaces Online"



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