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A minimalistic gtk3 notification daemon written in python.
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A minimalistic gtk3 notification daemon written in python.


notipy is an implementation of the Desktop Notification Specification. It shows message popups using gtk3, allowing for pango marked up message bodies and icons that can be specified in various ways.

notipy in action

The design goals of notipy include a minimalistic implementation (following the unix philosophy "do one thing and do it well") and having as little as possible dependencies.


notipy requires the following libraries to work:

  • gtk3

  • pygobject

  • dbus-python

Installation is simply done via:

./deployment/ install


Until now, notipy is configured exclusively via command-line arguments. These can be listed via the --help command-line option:


A notification server implementing the specification from

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        set the logging level (default: WARNING)
                        set the maximum/default timeout for notifications in [ms] (default: 10000)
  -m MARGINS, --margins MARGINS
                        set screen margins for top, right, bottom and left side of the screen in pixels (default: 0,0,0,0)
                        set the origin for the notifications (default: NORTH_EAST)
                        set the direction for the notifications (default: VERTICAL)

Configuration via a rc-file is planned for a future release.

How to contribute

If you find any bugs, have feature requests or want to contribute code, please use the notipy github page.

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