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ThingsPlugin is a which supports displaying your ToDos from on your iPhone-Lockscreen

Anyone can modify this code at his will – but please don’t charge money for it.


Open Cydia, click “Manage”, click “Sources”, click Edit and then add. Enter the following url:

Wait until Cydia is finished, click “Manage” and “Sources” again, choose the new-added repo “” and install the following packages:

- LockscreenInfo
- Things Plugin for LockInfo (That’s my plugin)

When Cydia is finished, open and select the two new entries.
Reboot your phone and you should see your ToDos on the Lockscreen!

Manual Installation

You need to have the developer tools for OS X installed – Sorry this isn’t possible with Windows.

Download the source code any way your want. (Git or a Tarball, click on the “Sources” tab here on Github)
Extract it, cd into the directory and run “make && make install”.

If everything went fine, you shoud have the following files in the directory:

- TodoPlugin.bundle
- TodoLockInfo.theme

Connect to your iPhone/iPod with any (S)FTP client and copy the following directories to the specified locations:

- TodoPlugin.bundle → /Library/LockInfo/Plugins/
- TodoLockInfo.theme → /Library/Themes/

After you’ve installed the plugin, you should select the appropriate list you want to display in the settings, select the theme in and finally restart the springboard (or just reboot the device)


Please report any issues to me. Just click on the “Issues”-tab here on Github. (No registration needed)

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