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Python code samples for The Odds API
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The Odds API Code Samples (v3) - Python

The Odds API provides live odds for loads of sports from bookmakers around the world, in an easy to use JSON format.

Before getting started, be sure to get a free API key from

For more info on the API, see the docs

Get Started

python --api-key YOUR-API-KEY-HERE

This will print:

  • A list of in-season sports
  • Events and odds for the next 8 upcoming games (across all sports)
  • Requests used & remaining for your api key

To change the sport, region and market, see the top of

Make sure the requests library is installed pip install requests

Running once will use 1 request from the quota.

Using Docker (Mac and Linux)

Build the image

docker build -t theoddsapi/sample:latest .

Run the python script in the container

docker run -t -i --rm -v "$(pwd)":/usr/src/app/ theoddsapi/sample:latest python --api-key YOUR-API-KEY-HERE
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