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This folder contains all of the data used in The Pudding essay Beauty Brawl published in June 2018.

Below you'll find metadata for each file.


  • What is this?: Data representing the shades of foundation offered by a variety of beauty brands around the world.
  • Source(s) & Methods: We collected a list of beauty brands in the US, Nigeria, India, and Japan that were considered by several sources to be "best sellers" in their home countries. We visited each brand's website during May 2018, found their liquid foundation line that (at the time of our sampling) had the largest number of shades available, and recorded the hex color values for each of the colored swatches shown for the product. Then, using Adobe Photoshop, we extracted the lightness value of each color (using the CIE Lab color model). Sources consulted to decide what brands/products to sample:
  • Last Modified: June 5, 2018
  • Contact Information: Jason Li
  • Spatial Applicability: United States, Nigeria, India, and Japan
  • Temporal Applicability: May 2018
  • Observations (Rows): Each row represents an individual product shade from one beauty brand.
  • Variables (Columns):
Header Description Data Type
brand The full written name of the brand that creates this foundation shade text
brand_short An abbreviated (2-3 character) version of the brand's name without special characters or spaces. These are unique to the brand (i.e., there are no duplicate brand_short codes representing different brands) text
product The full name of the foundation product that we sampled. For some brands, this is their only line of liquid foundation and for others this is the brand that (as of May 2018) contained the highest number of shades text
product_short A 2-3 character string that is unique to this particular product and does not contain special characters or spaces text
hex The hexadecimal color code for a particular shade (Note: this does not contain the leading # symbol) text
H The hue value from the HSB or HSV color space. This is represented as a number from 0 to 360 degrees around the color wheel. number
S The saturation value from the HSB or HSV color space. This is represented the amount of gray in a color from 0 to 100 percent. (Note: Here it is represented as a decimal from 0 to 1) number
V The value (sometimes known as brightness) value from the HSB or HSV color space. This describes the brightness or intensity of a color from 0 - 100 percent. (Note: Here it is represented as a decimal from 0 to 1) number
L The lightness value from CIE Lab color space. This is represented as a decimal number from 0 to 1 number
group The group with which this product should be analyzed. Each product only belongs to one group. We used 7 groups in this essay:
0: Fenty Beauty's PRO FILT'R Foundation Only
1: Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation Only
2: US Best Sellers
3: BIPOC-recommended Brands with BIPOC Founders
4: BIPOC-recommended Brands with White Founders
5: Nigerian Best Sellers
6: Japanese Best Sellers
7: Indian Best Sellers