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A starter template for projects.
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The Pudding Starter Template

A starter template for projects.

If creating a brand new project from scratch: Follow setup instructions.

Else contributing to an existing project: clone the repo andd run npm install).

Please note: do not use or reproduce The Pudding logos or fonts without written permission.




  • Parcel for JS bundling
  • Stylus for CSS pre-processing
  • Handlebars for HTML templating
  • ArchieML for micro-CMS (Google Docs -> JSON)
  • Feather for preset icons
  • Google Sheets -> JSON
  • Minifies, auto-prefixes, and inlines CSS
  • Inlines SVG
  • Async font loading (using font-display)


Use the starter CLI.

Usage (deprecated)

To create a new project, make a new directory (eg. mkdir project-name), cd into it, and run:

curl -Lk > Makefile; make setup;


See the generated README file in the new project directory for instructions.

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