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Wiki Death Data

“You only live as long as the last person to remember you.” - Akecheta (Westworld)

Screencasts of the story as it is created.




Clone the repo and run npm i


Individual steps below, or run make reproduce

npm run download-year-pages

Download the HTML for the year event pages from wiki that contain a list of all notable deaths (2015-2018).

npm run parse-year-pages

Extract every person and their meta data from the event pages to create a single csv of all notable deaths from 2015-2018.

npm run get-wiki-pageviews

Use wiki pageviews api to get the daily pageviews for so that we can calculate percent of traffic for each person and look into seasonality in the data.

npm run get-people-pageviews

Use the wiki pageviews api to get the daily pageviews for each person in our full list of notable deaths.

npm run bin

Bin each person's pageviews by multiple intervals (1 week, 72hrs, 48 hrs).

npm run stats

Calculates a bunch of summary statistics for each person (Must choose bin).

npm run filter-population

Reduces the data to people who satisfy some quantiative criteria.

npm run add-details

Gets more detail info on each person from wiki and custom spreadsheet.

npm run prepare-explore

Consolidates and optimizes data for visual exploration.

npm run prepare-web

Streamlines data for web presentation.

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