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Over the summer, I made my own electric skateboard using a £4 Raspberry Pi Zero. Controlled with a Nintendo Wiimote, capable of going 30km/h, and with a range of over 10km, this project has been pretty darn fun. In the video, you see me racing around Cambridge and I explain the ins and outs of this project. You can watch the video here:

This project has (to my surprise!) been featured all around the net: including Popular Mechanics, Hackaday and the BBC. This Github repo contains all of the code that I use to make my DIY electric skateboard purr.

Where did you get all the parts, for God's sake man - give me a damn parts list?!

By far the most popular question I have had is "what are the parts you used for this project?". I have compiled a list below of the exact things I used, however it is worth noting that you can find these components elsewhere at a wide range of prices. I went for these (and kinda splurged) due to convenience of shipping, quality of product and project deadlines. Electric skateboards are infinitely configurable - just because I made my one this way, does not mean that it is the only way (or even the correct way)

Part Link
Raspberry Pi Zero
Deck: Holesom Stardust
Trucks: Caliber IIs
2.2KW brushless motor, ESC, battery and charger
50mm motor transmission kit
4 x Alien 83mm longboard wheels
Zealous longboard bearings
Wires (used to connect all parts of the board): various XT60 connectors
Controller: Bluetooth Wiimote
Housing: 2 x EVA78 boxes
Raspberry Pi Power: Buck 5v converter