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CraftTweaker Support

Stuart Lindstrom edited this page Mar 8, 2018 · 6 revisions

Rustic now includes CraftTweaker Integration so that modpack makers can add and remove recipes for my custom crafting systems.

Crushing Tub Recipes

To add recipes, use
mods.rustic.CrushingTub.addRecipe(output, byproduct, input);
where output is a fluidstack, and byproduct and input are both itemstacks. byproduct can be null.
To remove recipes, use
mods.rustic.CrushingTub.removeRecipe(output, input);
where output is a fluidstack, and input is an itemstack.

Evaporating Basin Recipes

To add recipes, use
mods.rustic.EvaporatingBasin.addRecipe(output, input);
where output is an itemstack, and input is a fluidstack.
To remove recipes, use
where output is a fluidstack.

Alchemy Recipes

As of version 0.3.12, in order to use elixir itemstacks with custom effects in your scripts, you need to use the new format for elixirs. The format is:

{ElixirEffects:[{Effect:"[effect registry name]", Duration:[insert duration here], Amplifier:[insert amplifier here]}]}

To add simple alchemy recipes (2 ingredients or fewer, no modifier), use
mods.rustic.Condenser.addRecipe(output, input1, input2);
where output, input1, and input2 are all itemstacks.
To add advanced alchemy recipes (3 ingredients or fewer, optional modifier), use
mods.rustic.Condenser.addRecipe(output, mod, itemstack[] inputs);
where output, mod, and all the elements in the input array are itemstacks. mod can be null, and inputs can be 1-3 elements in length.
To remove recipes, use
where output is an itemstack.

Examples of Recipe Additions

Crushing Tub

mods.rustic.CrushingTub.addRecipe(<liquid:water> * 125, null, <minecraft:melon> * 1);

Drying Basin

mods.rustic.EvaporatingBasin.addRecipe(<minecraft:sugar> * 1, <liquid:oliveoil> * 750);


val slownessElixir = <rustic:elixir>.withTag({ElixirEffects: [{Effect: "minecraft:slowness", Duration: 1800, Amplifier: 0}]});
val slownessExtendedElixir = <rustic:elixir>.withTag({ElixirEffects: [{Effect: "minecraft:slowness", Duration: 4800, Amplifier: 0}]});

mods.rustic.Condenser.addRecipe(slownessElixir, <minecraft:web>, <minecraft:vine>);
mods.rustic.Condenser.addRecipe(slownessExtendedElixir, <rustic:horsetail>, [<minecraft:web>, <minecraft:vine>]);
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