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The purpose of the Bundle Builder project is to enable the easy building of OSGi bundles in a headless environment.


Make building OSGi bundles easier than building Maven projects.


The OSGi manifest already declares the dependencies of a bundle. Why should I have to repeat that declaration in another tool? My favorite development environment, Eclipse, is already built on OSGi. Everything works "automagically" there. Why can't I have that same ease of building on the server?


One of the primary strengths of OSGi is that each bundle has its own classpath. This primary strength is also a primary challenge to building OSGi bundles. Most Java implementations assume a single, common, monolithic classpath. The Java compilers are no different.


This project will achieve the following objectives:

1. Use the MANIFEST.MF file to resolve bundle dependencies
2. Use OSGi bundle repositories (OBR) to find bundle dependencies
3. Build OSGi bundles from a command line
4. Build OSGi bundles in common build servers such as Jenkins
5. Run automated tests on built bundles