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๐Ÿ““The Road to learn React: Your journey to master plain yet pragmatic React.js
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The Road to learn React [Book]


Official repository for The Road to learn React. If you want to leave a review, please do it on Amazon or Goodreads.

Translations of the book into Leanpub

The Road to learn React is also available in other languages. Thanks for all translators for their awesome work!

Updates, Help and Support


You can help to improve the book by opening Issues and Pull Requests (PR).

You can open up any PR that corrects spelling or explains a certain lesson with more detail. When writing such a technical book, you get fast blind on what needs more explanation and on what is already explained well.

In addition, you can open Issues when you run into problems. In order to make the fix for the Issue as easy as possible, please provide a couple of details such as error log, screenshot, which page of the book it happened, your node version (command line: node -v) and a link to your own repository. Not all of these details are mandatory, but most of them help to fix the Issue and to improve the book.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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