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Anime Heaven Downloader
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Anime Heaven Downloader

  • Site will go down by 25th Dec. 😞 so this may no longer works after that period.
  • But I will switch to another anime site in the future to prolong the life of this script.


README: this is not official, and dev for this script is nothing related with Anime Heaven team. It was written by myself just to download anime episodes easily. Anime episodes credit go to Anime Heaven.


  • codebase is refactored
  • add logger methods, modularized the code so it can be reused in other automated scripts (see WHY at the bottom)
  • add animeheaven request blocked handling
  • remove the use of progressbar2, and use custom simple progressbar
  • way of using the program changed, see How To Use

Run with Python3

  • Minimum python requirement Python 3.6

Lib Requirements

Lib Installation for Ubuntu

  • sudo pip3 install beautifulsoup4 selenium
  • npm -g install phantomjs-prebuilt

How To Use

--episode: can be either single episode (1) or range (1-10)

--download: optional parameter to set download path. i.e. --download='/Users/anime/Desktop'


  • First of all, the whole purpose of writing this is to save my time from browsing the site and clicking episodes one by one
  • After few weeks, people from Anime Heaven added Abuse Blocking Method ¯\(ツ)
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