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The Shroom

Open Mushroom Micro Farm

That’s our project for the Science Hack Day Berlin 18.


Home mushroom production has a lot of advantages.
Mushrooms are the only vegetarian food that can produce vitamin D. Our modern Lifestyle, especially in Cities, reduces our exposure to sunlight, so UV radiation is not sufficient for vitamin D synthesis.

But where do you get your fresh Mushrooms from?

Usually, they have traveled a long way wrapped in plastic and lost all their "Freshness".

With our Open Mushroom Micro Farm, you can be your own producer of yummy fresh & tasty Mushrooms. You can harvest aromatic fresh mushrooms and help to mitigate food wastage - You only pick what you need.

What is an Open Mushroom Micro Farm?

It's essentially a climate simulator, to foster fruiting of substrates of all species of yummy fresh mushrooms.

Eating your home grown Mushrooms from your Open Mushroom Micro Farm gives you that great feeling of beeing your own Food Producer.

Team Members

  • Ivo
  • Joelle
  • Karl
  • Malte
  • Martin
  • Marco
  • Theresa
  • Nicolas
  • Jakob

The Setup

This repository contains three main parts:

  • Arduino Codes
  • Schematics
  • CAD-Files for the housing

The Logic

The scheme of the microfarm

The Housing

Screenshot of the CAD file for the housing

Used Hardware

  • 1 x PC Power Supply
  • 1 x ATX Benchtop Power Board Computer Connector Socket
  • 1 x Rasberry 3 Model B
  • 5 x Desktop PC ventilator
  • 1 x Temperature-humidity sensor AM 2302
  • 2 x TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Element
  • 1 x Dust Filter Mat
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Fogger
  • 1 x Plastik Box
  • Arcrylic Glas 3m²


open mushroom micro farm






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