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Important notice (10-14-16)

Since starting the startup stack the way I work has changed and I always thought that the startup stack should represent the way I work in my every-day life as a Devops-Engineer.

Since releasing the project I rewrote parts of the infrastructure to work with Kubernetes and be "less complicated" in a way.

These coming weeks, I will move more of this work into the main project.

Everything right now should be considered as DEPRECATED until this happens.

Companies that are using the-startup-stack in production already started the migration and as we work through some of the challenges more of this will become open source.

If you'd like to help, shoot me a message on Twitter, the more people involved the faster we can ship this.

What is "the startup stack"?

The startup stack is an attempt to have sane default, production ready and tested for just about any web-based startup out there.

The startup stack was conceived by me (@KensoDev) while working a lot on devops and talking to people that work in startups. The pain that I got from this and the pain that I heard about from colleagues drove me to create this project.

Contribution Guide

Right now, the project is at really early stages, I have only migrated a fraction of the stack to open source, but it's an ongoing effort.

If you have something to contribute, please feel free to do so.


Please be respectful and constructive with feedback you give to others, it is very demotivating to read Github comments that are disrespectful, we are all here for the love of open source, lets not forget it. Be nice!

If you have Feedback/Feature requests about one of the repositories, open an issue/PR in the related project (sub-projects). When you need to ask a question or create an issue for something that is not directly related to a project (say you want a node.js stack and you want someone's help), open an issue on the docs repo right now. (In the future, I wil open a Google group or some other form of discussion forum).


If you are working on one of the stacks CLI's/Proxies/Servers, you must add tests with your PR, no tests no merge, it's pretty simple.

The purpose of the startup stack is to be production ready, you can run your startup on it and count on it being stable, so testing is super important


Write well written docs for methods, objects and definitely for features, good docs mean less issues and less friction for everyone.



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